company has a strong R & D team, with a complete inspection, testing facilities, the establishment of a modern industrial manufacturing base. Company established Enough to biomass briquette industries, while many other areas involved in biomass, the main products include: forming sets of biomass densification Equipment, biomass fuel burner, biomass boilers, biomass briquette and high-quality feed. ISO 9001 quality management company System certification, to provide stability to ensure high quality products; company has 4 invention patents and 30 utility model patents; company leading Products through the China Machinery Industry Federation and national scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of farm machinery examination conducted by Beijing City, the first independent certification of innovative products, included in the list of Beijing Municipal Government procurement, a number of products selected for the Ministry of Agriculture, "2009-2011 National Support Promotional products catalog. "Dense biomass company in 2009, Shenzhen molding technology to obtain renewable energy technologies and Investment Conference ( RETI) and Global investment in renewable energy, the value of the top ten most advanced technology Blue Sky Award (BA) "the most global investment in renewable energy Ten leading technology capital value of the prize Blue Sky Award nomination "is the only peer in the industry technology of the award